The bi-annual conference of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES). ACES is the premier organization dedicated to quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings. ACES members are counselors, supervisors, graduate students, and faculty members who strive to improve the education and supervision of counselors in training and in practice. ACES and the regional associations host conferences to highlight research and best practices in supervision and in the training of counselors.


Dates for future ACES Conferences:

2021– October 5-11, Atlanta, GA
Conference website link is:

2023– October 10-16, Denver, CO

2025– October 7-12, Pittsburgh, PA


Program Guides from Previous ACES Conferences:

If you are looking for a program you presented or attended at one of the previous ACES Conferences, the electronic versions of each are available below.

2019–October 8-14, Seattle, WA

ACES 2019 Conference Program

2017–October 4-8, Chicago, IL

ACES 2017 Conference Program

2015–October 7-11, Philadelphia, PA

ACES 2015 Conference Program

2013–October 16-20, Denver, CO

ACES 2013 Conference Program

2011–October 26-30, Nashville, TN

ACES 2011 Conference Program

2009–October 14-18, San Diego, CA

ACES 2009 Conference Program

2007–October 12-14, Columbus, OH

ACES 2007 Conference Program

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