ACES Webinar Series Information

Public Webinars

Watch one of our publicly accessible webinar recordings in the video library below.  These webinars are free to the public and are not CE eligible.

Members-Only Webinar Library and CE Eligible Webinars

Watch any of our previously recorded webinars, including members-only content, click here:  These webinars are no longer CE eligible but you can watch them anytime!  Follow the instructions at to find our CE Eligible offerings.

Remember, CEs are only eligible for webinars that meet NBCC eligibility criteria.  Learn more by clicking the following link and selecting “Approved Content Areas”: 

Stay tuned for more details and exciting ACES webinars!


Public ACES Webinars



How To Earn CEs

You must be an ACES member to attend and receive CEs.  CEs are only offered for webinars that meet NBCC criteria.  Webinars will be posted online within one week of the live webinar and will remain posted for about 90 days.  If the presenters have chosen to share materials from their webinar, they will be provided with the recording.

Currently, CEs will be conferred on the last day of every month for recorded webinars. You must complete the evaluation to receive a certificate.  We are working on fixing the CE conferral process and hope to have this automated soon. If you need your certificate sooner or do not receive your certificate via the automated system, please contact for faster processing. We appreciate your patience!

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