Our volunteer members play a pivotal role in shaping and advancing our mission.

ACES Officers

Natoya Haskins
Natoya Haskins
Dr. Margaret Lamar
Margaret Lamar


Dr. Casey Barrio-Minton
Casey Barrio-Minton

Past President

Elizabeth Villares
Elizabeth Villares
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith
Dodie Limberg

ACA GC Representative

Fatma Salem
Fatma Salem

Grad Student Rep

Nadiya Boyce Rosen
Nadiya Rosen

Grad Student Rep-Elect

Jan Gay
Jan Gay

Grad Student Past-Rep

Dr. Heather Ambrose
Heather Ambrose


Kelly Emelianchik-Key

ACES Staff

Kelly Duncan

Executive Director

Dr. Kelly Duncan serves as the Executive Director of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.  She has been involved in the profession of counseling for over 30 years and has worked as a counselor educator since 2003.  Dr. Duncan had the privilege of serving as a counselor educator at three universities, coordinated a university counselor training clinic, and was a dean of a School of Education prior to joining the ACES staff.  She was the executive director of a state counseling branch for 15 years. Her background in counseling and association management allows her to meld her skills in her current role.

Since coming to ACES, Duncan has worked to highlight the work of the association more visibly and to facilitate collaborations between ACES and other counseling affiliate groups.  Promoting professional counselor identity and advocating for counselor educators and supervisors has been one of her focus areas in the past year.

Past professional leadership experiences include secretary of NCACES, chair of the ACA Midwest Region, and two terms as the Midwest Region representative to the ACA Governing Council.  She’s been the chair of several ACA task forces and committees. In her home state, she received appointments from three different governors to serve as a member of the South Dakota Board of Education for almost 20 years.  She is a licensed professional counselor in the state of South Dakota.

Email: executivedirector@acesonline.net

Jeremy Swanston

Web Manager and Social Media Coordinator

Jeremy Swanston currently serves as the ACES Web Manager and Social Media Coordinator for ACES and is a graphic designer and scholar who has worked professionally for nearly two decades. During this time, he has developed extensive print and digital skills to meet the design needs of diverse clients, including the United States Congress and the Department of Justice. Past professional experiences include working as a graphic designer for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the United States Government Publishing Office, both in Washington, DC. This work portfolio centered on conceiving and delivering high-level multimedia communication and brand identity projects, including branding for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, and designing the 2013 U.S. Presidential Inaugural material.

Email: SocialMedia@ACESOnline.net

Regional Officers

Sherritta Hughes

NARACES President

Devona Stalnaker Shofner

NARACES President-Elect

Victoria Sepulveda

NCACES President

Tonya Hammer

NCACES President-Elect

Jose Tapia-Fuselier

RMACES President

Laura Bruneau

RMACES President-Elect

Hannah Bowers

SACES President

Michael Jones

SACES President-Elect

Ryan Reese

WACES President

Mariaimee Gonzales

WACES President-Elect

2023 Committee Chairs


Chantrelle Varnado-Johnson

Budget & Finance

Margaret Lamar

Bylaws & Resolutions

Heather Ambrose

Counseling Advisory

Malti Tuttle

Financial Investment

Mark Stauffer

Graduate Student

Fatma Salem

Leadership & Advocacy

Melissa Luke
John Harrichand


Kristin Bruns

Nominations & Elections

Casey Barrio Minton

Product Development

Kelly Coker

Publication & IN Subcommittee

Marty Jencius

Web Content & Social Media Subcommittee

Carrie Wachter Morris

Webinar Subcommittee

Mark Manzanares

Research Grant Awards

Melissa Henry

Research Committee

Stephanie Dorias
Daniel Gutierrez

Social Justice & Human Rights

Deborah Rubel

Strategic Planning Committee

Craig Cashwell
Cassandra Storlie

Supervision Committee

Richard (Joe) Charette

Teaching Committee

LoriAnn Stretch
Angela Sheely-Moor

Conference Diversity Schol

Brandi Appling
Malti Tuttle

Grant Development Task Force

Leonissa Johnson

2023 ACES Interest Networks Chairs


Janice Byrd
Tanesha Walker


Anna Lopez
Michelle Rivas


Mary Edwin
Arden Szepe

Clinic Director & Placement Coordinators

Erin Barnes

International Students & Faculty

Erin Barnes
Yi-Wen Su

Diversity & Inclusion

Olivia Ngadjui
Aja Burks

New Faculty

Donna Hickman
Rebecca Mathews

Rural Counseling

Rawn Boulden
Christine Ward

School Counseling

Emily Goodman-Scott
Tahani Dari
Natalie Edirmanasinghe
Beth Gilfillan


Gulsah Kemer
Chi Li

Qualitative Research (CEQUIN)

Jessica Martin
Jade Letourneau

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