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ACES would like to thank Treasurer Dr. Brian Dew for his 11 years of dedicated service to the organization!

ACES OFFICERS – 2020-2021

Executive Committee
Heather Ambrose – President
Casey Bario Minton – President-Elect
Kris Goodrich – Past President
Cheryl Wolf – Treasurer
Jeff Moe – Secretary
Cassie Storlie – Secretary-Elect
Marty Jencius – ACA GC Representative
Jose Tapia-Fuselier – Grad Student Rep
Kelly Duncan – Executive Director
Eric Perry – Social Media
Holly Branthoover – Conference Coordinator

Regional Officers
Michelle Hinkle – NARACES President
Krista Malott – NARACES President-Elect

Ashley Costentino – NCACES President
NCACES President-Elect: TBD

Kara Hurt-Avila RMACES – President
Amanda DeDiego RMACES – President-Elect

Dodie Limberg – SACES President
Sejal Barden – SACES President-Elect

WACES Jared Lau WACES President
Eric Price WACES President-Elect

Jan Gay – Grad Student Rep-Elect
Teysha Bowser – Grad Student Past-Rep

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