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James S. Korcuska

North Dakota State University



Spencer G. Niles

William & Mary



Amanda C. La Guardia

University of Cincinnati



Emily J. Sturn

North Dakota State University




*Casey Barrio Minton (2023)

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


**Jillian Blueford (2023)

The University of Denver


DiAnne Borders(2021)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Erik Braun (2022)

Northwestern State University of Louisiana


Christian Chan (2022)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


*Madeline Clark (2023)

University of Toledo


Ryan Cook (2022)

The University of Alabama


*Claire Cole Curcio (2023)

Virginia Tech


***Jessica Danielson (2023)

North Dakota State University


Amanda DeDiego (2022)

University of Wyoming at Casper


Robin DuFresne (2022)

Bowling Green State University


Stephen Flynn (2021)

Plymouth State University


Mark Gillen (2021)

University of Wisconsin-River Falls


**Danica G. Hays (2023)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Gulsah Kemer (2022)

Old Dominion University


Dodie Limberg (2021)

University of South Carolina


*E. Joan Looby (2023)

Mississippi State University


Bradley McKibben (2022)

Nova Southeastern University


*Rebecca Michel (2023)

DePaul University


Amy Milsom (2022)

Appalachian State


Kristen Moran (2021)

Campbell University


*Rick Myer (2023)

University of Texas at El Paso


Anita Neuer Colburn (2021)

Northwestern University


Shawn Patrick (2021)

Governors State University


Corrine Sackett (2021)

Clemson University


Jennifer Sánchez (2021)

The University of Iowa


*Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich (2023)

University of Akron


Kevin Snow (2022)

Marywood University


Jodi Tangen (2022)

North Dakota State University


Siu-Man “Raymond” Ting (2022)

North Carolina State University


Phillip Waalkes (2022)

The University of Missouri-St. Louis


*Edward Wahesh (2023)

Villanova University


Erin West (2022)

The University of Texas at Tyler


Tyler Wilkinson (2021)

Mercer University



*Jenna Alverez

University of Cincinnati


**Nancy Chae

Montclair State University


*Jennifer D. Deaton

University of North Carolina at Greensboro


**Cort Dorn-Medeiros

Lewis & Clark College


*Hyunhee Kim

Penn State University


**Chi Li

University of Memphis


*Jan Parker

Eastern Kentucky University


*Rachel Saunders

The University of Cincinnati





***Moved from ad hoc to full

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