Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) exists to foster the development of professional counselors, advance the counseling profession, and promote human dignity and diversity (ACES, 2021). ACES directly and indirectly influences program structure, curricula, educational resources, media, policy, legislation, professional ethics, knowledge creation, and best practices. As a division of the American Counseling Association, ACES exerts influence at national, regional, and state levels.

ACES Conference Diversity Scholarships

ACES DEIJ Scholarship

The Association of Counselor Education and Supervision offers scholarships to increase access for diverse student and new professional members who might not otherwise be able to attend an ACES Region Conference. Awards are based on appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicant’s job, financial need, and contributions of the applicant to their community and to ACES/Regional ACES. Scholarships of up to $1000 in value may be awarded to cover the cost of attending an ACES Conference (i.e., reimbursement of registration, conference hotel lodging, and/or
travel). Scholarship recipients must be current ACES members.


  1. Current ACES Student or New Professional Member

  2. Agreement to stay in conference hotel

  3. Applicant statement (2-page max)

  4. Current vita (5-page max)

  5. Letter of recommendation from advisor/supervisor

The applicant statement should include the following:

  1. Description of your salient identities

  2. Financial need

  3. Contributions to your job/university program and community

  4. Contribution to ACES or your Region within the last 3 years

  5. Description of what you hope to gain from attending the conference

  6. Previous ACES funding received (e.g., research grants, student scholarship, emerging leaders; priority will be given to those without prior funding)

Past Winners

2022 ($10,000 awarded)

LaShawn Adams
Linzy Andre
Estefanie Ceballo
Ashley Holmes Cosby
Lee Freed
Lawree Glenn
Adrienne Graham
Sheree Harper
Yun-Ju Huang
Tamika Jackson
Minju Kim
Duan Kwag
Jinok Lim
Olivia Ngadjui
Nhat Nguyen
Patrice Parkinson
Xiaoxuan Qu
Cha’Ke’Sha Spencer
Christina Tillery
Anne Ulizio
Nancy Valverde
Ivette Acevedo Weatherholz
Lynell Williams
Daisy Zhou

Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Counselor Education Award

The Excellence in DEIJ in Counselor Education Award represents a commitment by ACES to recognize members’ efforts that have shaped counselor education and

This award will be presented to an ACES member for outstanding contributions to research, supervision, teaching, advocacy and/or policy, and whose work informs and advances the understanding of diversity, equity, inclusive, and justice excellence in counselor education and supervision. Nominees should be considered trailblazers with a proven sustainability record and progressive change in areas of inclusive excellence in diversity. The nominee is required to be a current member in good standing of ACES.

Submission Deadline: May 31

Human Rights and Social Justice Committee

The Human Rights & Social Justice Committee shall be responsible for advancing pedagogy, supervision, and research related to issues of social justice and human rights on behalf of the Association. The committee identifies entities with which it would be beneficial for ACES to collaborate with on issues of social justice as it relates to teaching, research, counseling, supervision, leadership and advocacy. The committee provides recommendations to the Governing Council and organizes social justice focused events.

2022-2023 Charge to the Committee

ACES would like to continue to respond to human rights and social justice issues related to counselor education and supervision. We request that the committee continue to actively monitor news and legislation for HRSJ issues that impact the work of counselors, counselor educators, and supervisors and the wellbeing of those we serve (e.g., CRT bans in schools, slate of hate, hate crimes). As issues emerge, please contact me to propose statements and linked resources specific to counseling impacts and/or teaching and supervising counselors. The EC will review materials for approval prior to release, and we will be certain to give credit to the committee and/or specific members who developed them. In addition, ACES charges this committee with the development of the ACES Statement on DEIJ that can be a focal item on our website. This statement would specifically illuminate ACES’ values related to diversity, inclusion, equity, human rights, and social justice. A draft of this statement should be sent to the EC for initial review by Nov 1st, a final draft should be sent to the GC by Jan 15th.

Committee Members

Deborah Rubel, Chair
Teysha Bowser
Letitia Browne-James
Robert Dobmeier
Katie Kozak
Martin Munoz
Olivia Ngadjui
Edil Torres Rivera

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Interest Network

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity& Inclusion Interest Network is to promote the appreciation and understanding of multiculturalism and diversity in research, teaching, leadership, supervision and counseling through building a community of counselor educators, supervisors, and students dedicated to addressing the concerns of minoritized individuals through providing spaces of dialogue, collaborating to provide resources to inform the field, establishing or facilitating mentorship, and overall ensuring that the concerns of marginalized individuals are addressed in ACES governance.

The ACES Diversity & Inclusion Interest Network is a group of counselor educators, counselors, supervisors, and students with an interest in diversity topics. This interest network is committed to improving the conversation around diversity topics including race/ethnicity, sexual and affectional orientation, disability status and accessibility, and religious diversity as well as other identity factors that may influence access to the profession. For more information and to get involved, check out this link.

Chairs: Olivia Ngadjui and Aja Burks

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