ACES Diversity Conference Scholarships

ACES Diversity Conference Scholarships

The Association of Counselor Education and Supervision offers scholarships to increase access for diverse student and new professional members who might not otherwise be able to attend the ACES Conference. Awards are based on appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicant’s job, financial need, and contributions of the applicant to his/her community and to ACES/Regional ACES. Scholarships of up to $1000 in value may be awarded to cover the cost of attending the ACES Conference (i.e., reimbursement of registration, conference hotel lodging, and/or travel). Scholarship recipients must be current ACES members. For 2021, ACES has allocated $10,000 to support in-person or virtual conference attendance.

1. Current ACES Student or New Professional Member
2. Agreement to stay in conference hotel (unless virtual or within driving distance of site)
3. Applicant statement (2 page max)
4. Current vita (5 page max)
5. Letter of recommendation from advisor/supervisor

The applicant statement should include the following:
1. Description of your salient identities
2. Financial need
3. Contributions to your job/university program and community
4. Contribution to ACES or your Region within the last 3 years
5. Description of what you hope to gain from attending the conference
6. Previous ACES funding received (e.g., research grants, student scholarship, emerging leaders; priority will be given to those without prior funding)

Applications are due 9/1/2021. Apply here:

For questions about the ACES Diversity Conference Scholarship, contact Dr. Brandee Appling at

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