The ACES website consists of both a non-member portal and a portal for members only. In the non-member portal, general information about ACES is provided, as well as information about membership benefits, and instructions regarding how to join ACES. The member-only portal allows ACES members to create a personal profile indicating their interests and involvement in ACES. In addition, members will find information and resources related to the standing committees, interest networks, and special groups and task forces. The site provides access to Conference information, including program guides for past conferences. There are links to the five regional ACES websites, information about our Journal, Counselor Education and Supervision, a page for graduate students, a job posting page for announcing open academic positions, information about ACES awards and a page to indicate your interest in becoming more involved in ACES.

If you have questions about the website, please email

If you need help with anything else related to ACES or ACES membership, please contact Kristopher Goodrich, ACES President:

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