Before you post your CV to the job pool, you should consider that ACES cannot guarantee your search’s anonymity. If employers request resumes, yours and others will be sent to them in a batch link, making your employment intent now public.

If this is your first job search and you are a pending graduate, you may wish to have a frank discussion with your dissertation chair about your intent to enter a job search. They can give you realistic expectations about your likelihood to complete your degree on time.

If you are an employed counselor educator, consider that your current employment place could become aware of your intent to seek employment elsewhere through other employers who may not feel bound to keep your search confidential.

If your current employer has access to CareerLink for an existing position, they would also be aware of your search. You may wish to consider looking at employment opportunities here and submitting your resume directly to the employer, and forego posting your CV with Career Link

Please upload your CV in PDF format. please name your document LastNameFirstInitial.PDF.
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