The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) has been carefully monitoring the circumstances regarding Argosy University. ACES is aware of the public outcry that the educational development and wellbeing of students, faculty and supervisors across various campuses throughout the country have been severely impacted. These persons are our peers, our colleagues, current leaders in our field, and include future representatives of our field. As ACES is the largest American Counseling Association (ACA) division and the leading organization in counselor education committed to graduate students, counselor educators, and supervisors, we wish to show our support for the displaced students, faculty members, AND supervisors from all of the Argosy campuses that have been impacted by the recent events. Towards that end, we have engaged in dialogue with several affiliated counseling organizations to identify ways that our field can collaborate to best support those affected.

ACES wishes to emphasize that all students that were accepted into Argosy’s programs were accepted into CACREP-accredited programs, and enrolled in courses that met CACREP standards. Further, all faculty members who worked at Argosy campuses were vetted and meet CACREP’s definition of core faculty. We encourage ACES member institutions to establish plans on how they could be proactively supportive of any students AND former faculty members or supervisors as they seek to resettle their lives. We know that there are different institutional barriers that are in place for some of this work, but we are also know servant leaders in our field who do not let barriers stand in their way.

ACES is proud of partner organizations and groups who are collecting a list of potential student transferring institutions. For students who are looking at contact information for transferring to CACREP institutions, please see

To not duplicate efforts, ACES is working to compile a contact list of interested faculty who have been displaced in looking for potential work at other institutions. We are encouraging our member institutions to support these faculty, as they can. If you are a faculty affected by the closure and want to be included on this list, please contact The list will be released (upon their request) to institutions who have an open search request.

ACES is also committed to update the public as other supportive options are considered and developed.

ACES stands with our colleagues and members who were adversely affected by Argosy’s closure, and will continue to build connections and work with our affiliated organizations to support those persons who lives have been disrupted.

The ACES Executive Committee 2018-2019

Additional Resources:
ACES Careers Page (for current jobs listings and for those posting jobs):
Students with financial aid inquires can speak to their institution, to the Western Senior College and University Commission (which accredits Argosy) and/or to the US Department of Education.
Western Senior College and University Commission:
US Department of Education:
Students Exploring Transfers can view this list compiled by CACREP:

On March 6th, the Western Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) noted: “Argosy has indicated that it plans to arrange for student transcripts and records to be made available to students through a third-party service.” If this does change in the future, students might be wise to contact WSCUC for support in obtaining their transcripts.

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