Attention NARACES Members!

It is time to vote on our leadership. You will be voting for President-Elect (2021-2022), Secretary-Elect (2021-2022), and Graduate Student Representative (2021-2022). CVs for each candidate can be found by clicking the candidate’s name below.

The elections will close on 11/24/2019. Please send any questions or concerns to Stephen Flynn at


President Elect (2021-2023)

Kara Ieva

I am interested in running for president elect for NARACES. I have to admit it took me at least 4 years to acclimate in NARACES having “grown up” in SACES.  To begin that acclimation, I jumped in to join the Career Link committee. Since that first year, I have been co-chairing and chairing the Career Link for NARACES and ACES for the past 6 years. During my time as Career Link Chair, which I am still doing for the 2020 conference, I have seen a range of needs and programs throughout NARACES and the country. I am interested in serving as president- elect to bring some of those highlights to my platform. I appreciate the opportunity to serve the counselor education faculty, students, and supervisors of the North Atlantic Region.


Krista Malott

It is my privilege to be considered for a leadership position (e.g., president elect-elect) in the North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES). In my current role as a counselor educator at Villanova University, in Philadelphia, PA, initiated in 2005, I educate both school and community counselors, with an emphasis on evidenced-based and culturally-congruent practices. Experience as a classroom instructor has fueled my research agenda according to effective pedagogical practices, leading to position as Chair (from 2012 to 2014) of the Excellence in Teaching Committee for the North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NARACES). In turn, my twin passions of counselor education and social justice have inspired me to apply for, and engage in, positions as President of the Pennsylvania Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors (PACES) and Chair of the Pennsylvania Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (PAMCD). While serving as the PACES Eastern Region president, I sought to bring together counselor educators, supervisors, and their students, to increase networking and the exchange of supports and best practices across the State. Such efforts were made with the goals of promoting the visibility, viability, and success, of educators, supervisors, and (ultimately) counseling professionals. In a leadership role as (eventual) president of NARACES, I would hope to further such work on a broader, regional scale, with response to current trends, policies, and members’ stated interests. I would hope, in sum, to extend the efforts formerly initiated and sustained by leaders such as current NARACES president Dr. Tracy A. Stinchfield, and immediate Past President, Dr. Stephen Flynn—to engage members and amplify their voices and impacts across the North Atlantic Region.



Secretary Elect (2021-2022)

Heidi Henry

Heidi L. Henry, PhD, LPC is an Assistant Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with her PhD in Counselor Education and her Master’s degree in counseling from Louisiana State University. Heidi, a native of Pennsylvania, spent most of her counselor training and practice in the south but returned home to southwestern Pennsylvania to begin her career as a counselor educator. Heidi has taught in both face-to-face and online counseling programs and in both school and clinical mental health counseling programs. Heidi served two terms as Secretary of the Texas Career Development Association and has spent the past 2 years as the Editor for ASERVIC’s newsletter. She was named an ACES Emerging Leader in 2017 and would like to use her diverse clinical, teaching, and service experience to make an impact in the NARACES region. Having both clinical and school counseling experience and teaching both online and in face-to-face programs, she understands the diverse needs of counselor educators and supervisors and would like to use her experience to better support counselor educators and supervisors working in the North Atlantic Region.


Jocelyn Novella

The importance of professional organizations like NARACES cannot be underestimated, and I would be honored to support the membership as secretary-elect-elect. Given my 25 years as a licensed professional counselor, I have seen the importance of our associations for advocacy, professional identity, and collaboration. In my master’s program at Fairfield University, Dr. Janine Bernard emphasized the importance of membership and volunteer work for ACA and our state organization, Connecticut Counseling Association. At the time (1992), Connecticut had no licensure, and it was going to be an uphill battle for our place in the mental health marketplace. I not only joined CCA but volunteered for years as production manager for the newsletter and editor for the journal, dialog. Five years ago after 20 years as an LPC, I decided to go back to school for my Ph.D. and became a counselor educator. My advisor at Oregon State, Dr. Kok-mun Ng, emphasized ACES and NARACES presentations and volunteership as a way to give back to the profession. I was selected as an emerging leader for NARACES in October, 2016 and saw the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved. I am eager to do everything possible to support the calling of counselor education and supervision, as well as the organization that strengthens both. I thank you for your consideration of my nomination as secretary-elect-elect for NARACES.


Lorraine Gordon

My interest in serving the NARACES membership is an appeal that I could not ignore. I am strongly committed to giving back to my professional community and looks forward to doing so in this role. The sustainability of NARACES is dependent on all members taking an active role and ensuring its ongoing effectiveness and quality. This is my statement of taking an active role.  I am committed to ensuring that the organizational systems are in place to support the various program needs and serve wherever the need arises. I am interested in giving my support and resources needed to effectively serve in the role of Secretary Elect (2021-2022), and to help carry out the well-integrated operations of the organization. Thank you for your consideration and courtesy.


Michael Hannon

I am motivated to serve because I am looking for an opportunity to meaningfully reengage with our ACES region in a formal leadership role. My ACES and NARACES service and leadership record dates back to my time as a doctoral student at Penn State in 2011 when I represented our region as an ACES Emerging Leader in Nashville and in 2012 when I received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award and served as our conference’s Career Link chairperson in Niagara. I maintained my engagement thereafter with our region by serving as conference Continuing Education chairperson in 2014 in Providence and the 2016 Conference Vendor/Sponsorship co-chairperson in Syracuse. My primary service since then has been as a reviewer for our journal, the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision and co-editor of its special issue on school counselor preparation and supervision in summer 2016. I believe I am uniquely positioned to contribute in a deeper and more formal way to our region given my aforementioned service and leadership record and having effectively balanced the pre-tenure institutional demands of research, teaching, and service. I look forward to the potential of serving as 2020-21 Secretary-Elect and 2021-2022 Secretary in hopes of continuing my active mentoring of counseling master’s and doctoral students and actively working to further diversify our profession.


Peg Donohue

I am writing to express my interest in serving NARACES members as the secretary elect (secretary 2020-2021).  I believe in the goals and mission of NARACES to encourage the development of quality education and supervision of all professional counselors.  As a school counselor for 16 years and a counselor educator for 5 years, I have remained focused on first how to increase my own capacity as practitioner and site supervisor and then how to provide rich and diverse learning experiences for my students as a faculty member.  I feel very fortunate to have built lasting and productive alliances with fellow counselor educators by developing research partnerships and through active membership in organizations like NARACES.  During the 2018-2019 academic year, I served as the president of the Connecticut Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors (CACES). We are proud of our efforts to include more student voices at CACES and included new opportunities for counselor educators to share their research at each of our meetings.  This year I have the good fortune to be elected the Counselor Educator VP for the Connecticut School Counselor Association (CSCA).  In this capacity, I will be providing multiple professional development opportunities to the 300+ members of our state association and will have the chance to assist in rolling out our new state framework on comprehensive school counseling programs in spring of 2020.  I am running for secretary elect for NARACES to expand my service to the New England region by supporting counselor educators and supervisors who strive to meet mounting mental health needs in the diverse communities of the District of Columbia, Europe, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. I welcome the opportunity to build additional professional alliances while serving the dedicated members of NARACES.


Susan Schaming

First, I’d like to serve in this role as it is a vehicle to become more involved in the governance of the organization.  Second, I believe I possess the requisite skills to perform the duties and promote transparent communication for all NARACES members.  My past experience includes serving as a trustee/secretary on several boards in the last 10 years, as well as a long-standing history in academia as ‘secretary’ on many University-wide and College/School committees.  Notably, from 2007 through 2009, I served as an officer and secretary of the Widener University Faculty and Executive Council.


Graduate Student Representative (2021-2022)

Carolyn Bazan

I would love to be considered for the graduate student representative position. The decision to continue my education at Rutgers University in the Counselor Education and Supervision program has been nothing short of immense growth and opportunities to become a better counselor and future leader. It would be an honor to share my experiences and advocate for the needs of my fellow peers and the field of mental health.


Grace Edwards

As a first semester doctoral student, I have been newly exposed to the possibility of leadership, advocacy, and multiple ways to serve the counseling profession. My interest in serving as the graduate student representative for NARACES stems from a love of learning, a desire for growth, and a chance to serve the counseling profession in non-traditional roles. I believe that serving as a connection between current professionals and growing professionals would be a great opportunity to accomplish these goals. A fundamental part of my learning philosophy is that “Life begins outside of your comfort zone”. To act in accordance with that, I would be delighted to serve in this capacity and strengthen the bond between current professionals and students, as well as those to come.


K. Lynn Pierce

Throughout my life I have held service and leadership positions. Some of these have been official positions through committees and event organization while others have been informal mentorship and community involvement. Since entering the field of counselor education, I have encountered like-minded individuals who prioritize service to the profession and to their communities. With them I have engaged in conversations about the most critical issues that the profession now faces. As the NARACES Graduate Student Representative I believe I would be positioned to contribute to better depth in conversations about diversity and inclusion, particularly as pertains to topics of ability status, sexual/affectional and gender minorities, and faith minorities. I place an emphasis on professional identity development in my own journey as a counselor educator in training. While our field offers many experiences for graduate students, these opportunities can be difficult to navigate. I am interested in creating more points of entry to the profession for graduate student members in our region. By working with the board I hope to become a better informed and more effective counselor educator for my future students.


Yangyang Liu

I am excited about the opportunity to run for NARACES Graduate Student Representative to serve the organization and fellow graduate students. I am a 1st-year doctoral student in Counselor Education and Supervision at the Pennsylvania State University, with a research focus on career development for underrepresented populations. I currently serve as a committee member on the NCDA International Student Services Committee and a mentor in CSI Rho Alpha Mu Chapter. Additionally, I serve as a proposal reviewer for NCDA conferences and a research grant reviewer for CSI International. Being part of professional organizations has given me a sense of community and many opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. Therefore, I would like to give back to the community by creating similar or richer experiences for fellow graduate students. If elected, I aspire to continue cultivating an inclusive NARACES community for graduate students to share their needs and support each other during the counselor education journey. I am also committed to connecting graduate students with relevant resources and professional development opportunities (e.g., funding, awards, mentorship, writing, and service opportunities) provided by professional organizations. One initiative I would like to take is to create a list of those resources and professional development opportunities for any graduate student visiting the website to have access to. Thank you for your consideration


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