Meet Laura Dunson

Laura Dunson

ACES Member Spotlight

Laura Dunson is a doctoral student at Kent State University and has been an ACES student member for three years. She shares that as a doctoral student, she joined ACES because she wanted to connect with the CES community across the profession. She feels ACES has provided her with opportunities for connection and community, as well as access to professional development spaces. Dunson commented, “I learn so much when I connect with the inspiring leaders in the field, and am consistently grateful for opportunities to connect with the vibrant CES community. It’s exciting to meet passionate people working to support the profession all over, and to share ideas and insights about ways to strengthen our field and our own work. Staying connected with ACES is becoming a pillar of my journey towards counselor education.”

When asked if she had a significant mentor, Laura shared “I’m so grateful to all of Kent State University faculty who have been incredible mentors through my program. Dr. Cassie Storlie from KSU, ACES Secretary, has been especially supportive in my professional journey. She has always been empowering, helping me to identify ways to grow and problem-solving what’s needed to become a better educator, researcher, and leader. She’s also so connected within the CES community, and she helps many of us by explaining context, current issues, or the larger events happening across the profession. Her passion for the field is nothing short of contagious, and I become more and more inspired with every project we collaborate on. I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am now without her mentorship!”

Dunson lives in and is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She was just recently married to her partner of 9 years, Johnny, in a small Covid-friendly front porch wedding. They have a cat named Catticus Finch and a dog named Scout. Her favorite things to do are playing board games or hiking the beautiful north shore parks!

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