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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-01. What are some recommendations for increasing the chances that the manuscript I submit will be accepted for publication?

A. Review the material on the CES website and follow submission guidelines closely. You are especially encouraged to review the evaluation form for the type of manuscript you plan to submit and consult the guidelines for authors. These are available under “Instructions and Forms” at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ces and under the “Evaluation” tab at http://www.acesonline.net.

Additionally, there are several articles (e.g., Counselor Education and Supervision, Journal of Counseling and Development) that provide writing strategies. Here is just a sample of those:
Choudhuri, D,. Glauser, A., & Peregoy, J. (2004). Guidelines for writing a qualitative manuscript for the Journal of Counseling & Development, 82(4), 443-446.
Hunt, B. (2011). Publishing qualitative research in counseling journals. Journal of Counseling & Development, 89(3), 296-300.
Kline, W. B. (2008). Developing and submitting credible qualitative manuscripts. Counselor Education & Supervision, 47(4), 210-217.
Kline, W. B., & Farrell, C. A. (2005). Recurring manuscript problems: Recommendations for writing, training, and research. Counselor Education & Supervision, 44, 166-174.
Lambie, G. W., Sias, S. M., Davis, K. M., Lawson, G., & Akos, P. (2008). A scholarly writing resource for counselor educators and their students. Journal of Counseling & Development, 86(1), 18-25.

Q-02. I am an author. How can I submit my manuscript for review?

A. You can submit your manuscript for review through the ScholarOne system. When you submit your
manuscript to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ces, you will receive prompt confirmation of receipt of the
manuscript by email. CES only accepts manuscripts in a digital file format via email attachment. Paper ubmissions are not accepted because the review process relies on electronic storage of files on the CES
website and the subsequent exchange of manuscript files among reviewers.

Q-03. Will I be notified when I submit my manuscript to you?

A. Yes. You will be notified by the ScholarOne system. Please allow 3-4 months for a disposition for your
submission, although it may take less time.

Q-04. Does my manuscript have to be submitted under a category classification?

A. Yes. CES manuscripts are organized into 4 categories:
• Quantitative
• Qualitative
• Position Paper
• Innovative Methods
Different evaluation forms are used for each category.

Q-05. Does my manuscript have to conform to the “APA style” format?

A. Yes, every manuscript submitted to CES for review must follow APA style guidelines. Here is more information about APA style.

If your document does not follow the APA style format, your manuscript will not be accepted for review.

Here is information for ordering the APA style guide from the American Psychological Association: APA Publication Manual.

Q-06. How can I become an editorial board member?

Applications are sought via CESNET and www.acesonline.net for editorial board positions in the spring of each year. Board members are appointed for a three-year term beginning July 1 and are expected to provide continuous service during that period of time. Qualifications for the board include ACES membership, a record of scholarly publications in national peer-refereed journals, a commitment to prompt (i.e., within 30 days) and thorough review of 2-3 manuscripts per month, and a commitment to attend the editorial board meeting held at either the ACA or the ACES conference. Counselor Education and Supervision prefers that board members not serve on the review boards of multiple journals. As we utilize an electronic review process (Scholar One), applicants must have email capabilities and access to the Internet. Ad hoc member positions may be available.

Q-07. Where can I find documents (Board Meeting Minutes, Repots, ect.) related to CE&S?

To view documents and reports related to CE&S, visit the “Member Resources” section of the website and navigate to the “CE&S” area.

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