Attention ACES Members! Please be aware of possible email scams. ACES or any of its representatives will never request money, personal information, gift cards, or other financial transactions via email. Please report any suspicious requests to
ACES would like to thank Treasurer Dr. Brian Dew for his 11 years of dedicated service to the organization!

Want to share more?  Talk more?  Or just connect with other faculty?  Join us on SLACK!  SLACK is a team meeting space that allows you to chat, share resources, and collaborate.  We may be practicing our “social distancing” in person but here we can be as social as we like!

To join, click here:

Please note:  This link will only be active until May 15th, 2020.  To join after May 15th, 2020, create a SLACK account and visit  Request permission from the group owner and wait for approval to join.

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