Interested in becoming an ACES Webinar Presenter?  Here are the important details.

The ACES Webinar Series is a monthly webinar that is free to memebers and provides NBCC approved CEs to participants.  ACES is actively seeking members to serve as presenters on a wide variety of topics relevant to educators, supervisors, and clinicans.  In order to be considered as a webinar presenter, you must complete the form by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

First, complete the ACES Webinar Interest Form by clicking HERE.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. 

Once accepted as an ACES Webinar Presenter, the following items are required PRIOR to scheduling your webinar:

1) Presentation Title.

2) A brief, concise overview of you topic with three (3) distinct learning objectives.  This must total under 1200 words.

3) Name, credentials, and brief bio of primary presenter and all other presenters.

4) Indicate your preference for audio only or video format during the webiar.

5) PPT Presentation

6) Requested length.  Must by in .5 hour increments from 1-3 hours.

7) Any poll questions you want to use during the presentation.  Poll questions are questions you may ask the audience to answer during the webinar and results will be displayed once the poll is completed by the audience.  Questions can be no more than 128 characters and have no more than 5 multiple choice response options.

8) Up to 5 custom evaluation questions.  Evaluations are sent to participants following the conference to gain feedback on your presentation.

9) At least 10 questions for the webinar assessment.  Participants watching the recorded version of the webinar will need to pass the assessment prior to being awarded CEs.

10) Completion of a test webinar session (15-30 minutes).


Basic Presenter Guidelines – Technical Requirements

Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux / Ubuntu, Google Chrome OS (Chromebook)

Web Browser: Google Chrome v31 or later, Mozilla Firefox (Linux only)

Internet connection:  1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended), 3G connection or better (WiFi recommended for VoIP audio) for Chromebooks

Software: None

Hardware: Microphone and speakers (headset recommended)


Complete the ACES Webinar Interest Form by clicking HERE

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