ACES Summer Business Meeting Agenda and Related Documents

Executive Committee, Thursday, June 6, 2019
Governing Council, Friday: June 7-8, 2019

Meeting Location Change – Saturday, June 8:  Issaquah, 3rd Floor

Location:  Sheraton Grand Hotel, University Room

Wifi Meeting Room Password: acesjune2019

Note:  On this page, you will find links to each document related to the agenda items in this version of the agenda.  To download/view a document, click the blue link associated with the agenda item.  If a blue link is not present, a document is not associated with that agenda item.  Alternatively, you may download all supporting documents in a ZIP file here:  ACES Summer Business Meeting 2109

You may view the tentative ACES Summer Business Meeting Schedule here: Tentative ACES Summer Business Meeting Schedule.



Welcome & Introductions: Kris Goodrich, ACES President

Call to Order (Kris Goodrich)

Approval of the Minutes from March, 2019 (Kris Goodrich)

Approval of Consent Agenda

Brief review of Robert’s Rules, the meaning of “abstentions,” who can vote, and the use of the motion control form


General Documents:  ACES March Reports Motions Priority List 2019, ACES Handbook & All ACES Motions 2018-2019


Officer/Staff Reports (New Information since March, 2019)

President—Kris Goodrich

Past President— Melissa Luke

President elect—Heather Ambrose

Executive Director—Marsha Wiggins

Secretary—Laura Bruneau

Treasurer—Brian Dew

ACES Representative to ACA Governing Council: Marty Jencius

Conference Coordinator—Holly Branthoover

Social Media/Web Manager—Eric Perry

Graduate Student Representative—Teysha Bowser


Regional Reports: (New Information since March, 2019)

NARACES—Tracy Stinchfield

NCACES—Jenn Cook

RMACES—Jared Thiemann

SACES—Elizabeth Villares

WACES—Margaret Lamar



Staff evaluations and contracts (Kris Goodrich, Marty Jencius & Marsha Wiggins)

-Legal Consult and implications for staff performance review


ACES Business Procedures moving forward (Marsha Wiggins)

-Follow-up on Legal Consult

-Executive Committee versus Governing Council Meetings

-Implications for Proxy Voting


Review Product Development motion for potential amendment (Marsha, Laura? Marty?)


Review proprietary status of current ACES products per charge to Product Development Committee (Melissa, Kris, Marsha)


Create a 5-year plan for product development based on membership need and strategic plan (Melissa, Kris, Marsha)


Review School Counseling TF proposal from Thom Field (Melissa)


Discussion of TF Follow-up from IN Policy in March 2019, including TF wishing to collaborate with other organizations around research/publication (Kris, Melissa, Marsha) – School Counseling IN issues



General Documents:  ACES Committees Interest Networks and Task Force Reports – 2019

Research Awards Committee: $15K from $10K for research awards this year

Awards Committee: $1500 for plaques

CE&S increased funding $6400 staff & 15 page increase = $13,500 (see report)

ISFIN: $300 for refreshments and gifts

Podcast Budget Discussion


IN Reports with Requests not vetted in March: 

-Teaching Taskforce – 10-2018 Teaching Task Force Report & ACES Teaching Initiative Taskforce Final Report Oct 1 2016

-Research Taskforce – 2017-2018ACES_ResearchTaskforce_FinalReport & ACES Research Taskforce PPT

-Qualitative Taskforce (CEQUIN white paper motion) – CEQUIN Report, Qualitative Publication Guidelines Whitepaper, CEQUIN Webinar Qualitative Publication Guidelines in Counseling Journals- A Systematic Review and Comparison to Qualitative Journals & CEQUIN White Paper Rationale

Motion: We, CEQUIN leadership, move that ACES support CEQUIN’s white paper to advocate for qualitative research visibility, acceptance, and rigor in counselor education.

-Ethics Taskforce


ACES Logo policy (Kris, Marsha)Temporary Logo Policy Motion & ACES LOGO POLICY


1:45 p.m. FRIDAY: Video Conference with Jim Korkuska for CE&S report (Kris, Marsha)

Related Documents:  CES Mid Year Publications Report March 2019 & CES Budget Request: 2019 – 2020


How to determine ACES support for external causes (e.g. Rainbow Run) (Melissa)* See Handbook for existing policies on “endorsement/sponsorships/permissions”.


Another Strategic Planning Session in summer 2020 or 2021? (Marsha)


ACES events at ACA 2020 San Diego (voted in 2018 not to require regional meetings at ACA. Should they be scheduled? Town Hall? Receptions?) (Marsha)


Doctoral Internships with ACES? (see documents, including CACREP standard) (Kris, Melissa, Marty) – CACREP Standards for Doctoral Internships, CES DOCTORAL INTERNSHIP SEMESTER AGREEMENT, CES Internship Leadership Advocacy Supervisor Student Evaluation, CV-Shama Panjwani & CACREP-2018-Annual-Report


State Branch Divisions: What is charge to them? How will we use information we have? Do we need to vet their bylaws? (Kris, Melissa, Marsha) – ACES ByLaws Regarding State ACES Branches


ACES Conference Scholarship Application & Rubric (Holly & Marsha) – Conference Scholarship Application Form & ACES Conference Scholarship App Draft May 2019



Approve slate of officers for 2020-2021 (Kris) – ACES Slate of Officers for 2019


Hold Primary Election (Kris)


Social Media/Current Events Policy adoption? (Eric) – DRAFT ACES Current Event Response Policy


ACES state branches’ presence on ACES or regional websites? (Eric)


ACES Facebook policy regarding Interest Networks having “closed group” pages (Eric)


Policy regarding State ACES Branches having a page on the ACES website, or would it be better to have it on the appropriate regional website? (Eric, Marsha)


Action regarding Interest Networks that should be dissolved per Interest Network policy: Multicultural (Marsha)


CSI proposal to hold CSI Days at ACES Conference 2021 in Atlanta. Develop steps for being transparent with ACA (Melissa) – CSI Days Proposal


Regional Presidents (and other officers) permitted to live outside region? (Kris/Marsha)


Task force for reviewing ACES GC member contract (motion passed 6.8.2018) See attached samples (Kris) – Sample Board Evaluation Form, ACES Governing Council Member Contract & Sample Board Agreement


Eligibility criteria for ACES Secretary (Handbook)


Consider changing regular dates for SACES regional conference to avoid hurricane season (Elizabeth & Dodie)


RMACES’ conference challenges and fund transfer (Marsha, Brian, Kris, Jared T)


Performance of Regional Officers; Communication Channels, Followup; Documentation – Addressing problematic behaviors and unresponsiveness.


Officers’ and GSRs attendance at regional conferences (should they be divided among ACES Officers, GSRs and Executive Director, or some other arrangement) (Melissa)


Parliamentarian/observer for GC meetings? (Melissa)


Legacy Awards Proposal & List of nominations for 2019 (Heather A.) – ACES Legacy Award Revised Nomination Process & Legacy Task Force Nominees


Policy regarding reporting vote counts of ACES Elections (Marsha, Melissa)


Request from AMCD to support their Social Justice Summit in Orlando, June 21-22, 2019 (Kris, Melissa)


Request for ACES to fund the research grant- matching program of $1000/year for FY 20 (Kris)


ACES Leadership Development Ad Hoc Committee proposal for adding a member at large for diversity to the ACES GC (Holly, Marsha) – Member at Large Diversity Proposal Revised


Recommendation for hiring an Assistant Conference Coordinator (Holly) – Assistant Conference Coordinator proposal


“On the road to ACES 2019″ Proposal – (Marty)


FYI: Speaker for ACES 2021 (Executive Committee)


Approval of the FY 2020 budget (Brian) – 2019 ACES Summer Bd Meeting Report

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