ACES Governing Council Member Contract

I understand that as a member of the ACES Governing Council, I have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the organization does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals. I believe in the purpose and the mission of the organization, and I will act responsibly and prudently as its steward. As part of my responsibilities as a board member:

1. I will interpret the organization’s work and values to the counseling community, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson.

2. In turn, I will interpret our constituencies’ needs and values to the organization, speak out for their interests, and on their behalf, hold the organization accountable.

3. I will attend at least 75 percent of ACES Governing Council meetings, committee meetings, conferences, and special events. If I am unable to attend, I will inform both the ACES President and Executive Director. If I am a voting member, I will recommend a proxy for a missed Governing Council meeting.

4. I will excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest.

5. I will stay informed about what’s going on in the organization. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in online discussions and take responsibility for voting on issues, policies, and other matters. I will not stay silent if I have questions or concerns.

6. While I am a member of the ACES Governing Council, I will work in good faith with staff and other Governing Council members as partners toward achievement of our goals.

If I don’t fulfill these commitments to the organization, I will expect the ACES president to call me and discuss my responsibilities with me.


The organization is responsible to the board members for . . .

In turn, the organization will be responsible to me in the following ways:

1. I will be sent, without having to request them, regular financial reports and an update of organizational activities that allow me to meet the “prudent person” standards of the law. (The “prudent person rule,” applied in many legal settings in slightly differing language, states that an individual must act with the same judgment and care as, in like circumstances, a prudent person would act.)

2. Opportunities will be offered to me to discuss with the executive director and the ACES president the organization’s programs, goals, activities, and status; additionally, I can request such opportunities.

3. The organization will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues in the counseling profession in which we are working and by informing me of opportunities for professional development.

4. ACES Governing Council members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal, and moral responsibilities to this organization. ACES Governing Council members and staff will work in good faith with me toward achievement of our goals.

5. If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the ACES Governing Council president and Executive Director to discuss the organization’s responsibilities to me.

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