Message of Solidarity

In response to the current attacks on school counselors and school counselor educators, it is important that the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) publicly state that the organization stands behind the mission and work of counselor educators and school counselor preparation programs. School counselors support P-12 students in the academic, social-emotional, and career development domains and prepare them for the future. School counselors are Masters degreed, certified or licensed counseling professionals who implement comprehensive programs to serve the needs of all students and support their school communities. Counselor educators and supervisors, as members of ACES, serve as integral partners in supporting school counselors and school counseling preparation programs.

Recently, school counselors and school counselor educators as well as some of our members have been targets of misinformation and libel. In response to these attacks, ACES makes it clear that as an association, it upholds the integrity of the counseling profession including the unique value of school counseling in our education system and society at large. Furthermore, not only does ACES not condone these attacks on its members but considers these egregious acts of violence against their professionalism. ACES will provide any supports available to members who are targeted as the dignity and protection of our members is of great priority.

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